The Value of a Soft Launch

By February 25, 2015 Design No Comments

To soft launch or hard launch, that is the question!

To which you may say, “Hold on a second there buster! That is not the question. The question, the FIRST question, is what is a soft , or for that matter, a hard  launch?”

Yes, but of course!

In the most general sense:

  • A soft launch is often used by a company when it seeks to release its product or service without a lot of fan fare, attention, or publicity upon its first light of day.
  • A hard launch is most often used when a company wants to release its product or service with as much noise, buzz, and fanfare as possible, typically with the goal of generating large marketing and sales results.

Whether you choose a hard or soft launch is going to be dependent on what is the best  way to achieve your goals.  Naturally, if your goals are to create a lot of noise, excitement, and sales than you would drive toward the hard launch.

Everyone wants their product or service to generate buzz, whether it be to generate sales or to fulfill marketing goals…so what is the advantage of a soft launch?

I’m so happy that you asked!

Recent ABD Web Design Soft Launches

ABD Web Design was recently proud to soft launch two new sites.  The awesome and sorely needed Boise events and entertainment calendar site Eventcty and our very own new and re-envisioned ABD Web Design website!

With both of these projects we took a soft launch approach.

The soft launch gave us a number of advantages:

  • A soft launch allows you adequate time to  train the site content publishers on proper use and functionality, which is definitely important on more customized sites like Eventcty.  It is less stressful on everyone too!
  • A soft launch allows you time to generate feedback from a limited audience and time to fine tune site functionality and processes.  You’ll find that some things, while they work, may work better with some minor tweaking and updates.  You’ll have time to squash any bugs that come up as well.  No one wants their moment in the sun to be marred by a disastrous site failure!  Then, when it comes time for a big marketing push the site will truly shine!
  • A soft launch allows time for a grassroots gestation and movement to spread about your site.  Nothing can beat this type of advertising.  Those that use your site and services share in its growth and betterment and often become vocal champions of it.  Over time this can lead to exponential growth and long lasting relevance.

The Wrap

ABD Web Design recently wrapped up two major products and went live with a soft launch for both: the newly revamped and re-envisioned ABD Web Design website (which is dazzling your eyes at this very moment) and the Boise events and entertainment  site  The soft launch allowed us to test and fine tune aspects of both sites prior to making a loud, buzz-worthy announcement.

Whether you choose a soft or hard launch is going to depend on what your goals for your product or service are.  If you want to make a lot of noise, generate sales, and meet large scale marketing goals, then a hard launch will likely be your approach.  If you’re looking to test the waters, improve functionality, or build a grassroots movement around your product or service, than a soft launch will more likely be your approach.

Be sure to check out our newly launched ABD Web Design  website, as well as the brand new and exciting!