Bacon, Glorious Bacon: Perfect for Mockups!

By February 1, 2015 Design, Programming, WordPress No Comments

Who doesn’t love bacon? Ok, lots of people but I certainly love it. I’ve been using the bacon filler text for years thanks to Bacon Ipsum. The old standby for wireframes and design mockups is to use “Lorem Ipsum” but I find that Bacon Ipsum is much tastier. You can copy their filler text into your designs but they now have a few additional options that you may not know about:

Bacon Ipsum WordPress Plugin

The Bacon Ipsum WordPress plugin provides a easy way to get all of your Bacon Ipsum goodness right in your WordPress installation. Download and activate the plugin and you’ll be on your way to building out bacon filler text in the same easy manner as the website.

The plugin provides a easily accessible Bacon button right in your WordPress text editor dashboard.  Once selected choose the Bacon Ipsum builder and select from the choices. That is it!

Bacon Mockup

[bacon_mockup width=”908″ height=”200″ alt=”Yummy Bacon!” class=”baconthumb” tag=”none”]

Bacon Mockup is inspired by which provides a simple way of generating placeholder images.  Now you can quickly generate some delicious, meaty picture goodness while fleshing out your WordPress site.  What is even better is that the Bacon Ipsum plugin already comes outfitted with this functionality.  Just like the Bacon Ipsum builder, select the bacon button in your text editor, select Bacon Mockup from the drop down, enter the information requested in the fields and you’re on your way. The juicy grill image above was generated using the Bacon Mockup functionality.

The Wrap

Bacon Ipsum has been a handy tool that I have used for years.  It’s a quick, easy, and fun way to generate filler text for wireframes and mockups.  Bacon Ipsum now comes with a WordPress plugin that both generates filler text and placeholder images.  If you haven’t tried it out consider using the Bacon Ipsum WordPress plugin in your next project.