WordPress Automatic Updates: False Sense of Security


WordPress 3.7 ushered in automatic updates. We all sighed with relief and the satiating knowledge that our WordPress sites were forevermore safe and secure.  Beer tabs cracked, colleagues slapped each other on the back, and a new world of internet security was ushered in.

If only this daydream was true!

The WordPress automatic updates do promote better security, but they’re only incremental updates to your WordPress installation.  Major WordPress updates still require you to update your site.

Let us not forget about our plugins as well.  Most plugins will require you to update them.

Here is the short of it folks: while the automatic updates are nice and do promote better WordPress security you still have to remain vigilant when it comes to your site updates and maintenance. The most recent series of WordPress core and plugin vulnerabilities is a perfect illustration of this.

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security when it comes to WordPress automatic updates.

If you’re serious about security but you don’t want to add another task to your list we have the solution for you: ABD Web Design WordPress Updates and Security Subscription.

Until next time, stay safe and secure!