The WP Visual Icon Fonts Plugin

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When WordPress 3.8 was released earlier this year we discovered Dashicons baked right into core. Once again WordPress provided designers and developers ever increasing flexibility, simplicity, and creativity when it came to bringing their clients vision to life. For a quick refresh on the Dashicons implementation jump on over to our post “Dashicons: WordPress Retina Ready Font Icons”.

It is great to have options, isn’t it? Dashicons, FontAwesome, Genericons, IcoMoon; the choices available for font icons seem to grow on a weekly basis. For those of us that are familiar with a little HTML and CSS the implementation of any of these font icons is relatively simple.

Yet what do we do when we want to give our client these font icon powers?

One solution is to walk through the implementation with our clients, though more often than not this is going to be over-kill. Our clients are looking for simple, no-frills solutions to updating and maintaining their sites. Ease of use is most likely one of the reasons why you’ve brought them into the WordPress family from the get-go.

Thankfully there is a WordPress plugin that provides a simple solution: WP Visual Icon Fonts plugin.

This nifty plugin brings icon fonts right into your WordPress editor so your client can easily add that extra touch of flair to their pages and posts (no HTML or CSS skills necessary). What is even better is that WP Visual Icon Fonts not only comes packed with all 369 FontAwesome icons ready to go, but also a 62 icon set of Genericons.

The set up and use is a cinch:

  icon-check-circle Download and activate the plugin.

  icon-check-circle Create a new post or page.

  icon-check-circle Ensure the WordPress editor is displaying the “kitchen sink”.

  icon-check-circle At the head of your editor you’ll notice a button labeled Icons.

  icon-check-circle Selecting this button opens a dropdown with a visual listing of all of your icon choices.

  icon-check-circle Simply select the icon you would like to use and, BAM, there it is!

  icon-check-circle Customization is simple and to the point: highlight your font icon, and choose the font size and color.

  icon-beer Pat yourself on the back for saving yourself some time and adding a little touch of goodness to your post.

See what I did there? Each one of the above font icons were generated using the plugin…right in the WordPress editor.

Future updates: The plugin author notes that future versions of the plugin will include even more font icon sets, shortcodes for FontAwesome, and more!

The Wrap

Icon fonts give designers and developers a simple way to add visual interest and flair to their site designs. With an ever growing set of font icon choices the possibilities are close at hand and seemingly limitless. The WP Visual Icon Fonts plugin allows you to easily give your clients that extra bit of font icon goodness for their WordPress posts and pages right from the WordPress editor.

We think you should give the WP Visual Icon Fonts plugin a test drive.  Let us know what you think in the comments!