The Top Three Methods for Consuming RSS Feeds


It has been well over a year since Google Reader said goodbye. While many of us have moved on to brighter RSS Feed Reader pastures some of us may just be getting around to searching out a great new RSS Feed Reader.

What makes a great RSS Feed reader? Simplicity of use, ease of subscription transfer, mobile and web readiness are a few items that come to mind.

We recently spent some time investigating the top RSS readers and found three that are recommended again and again. Without further ado, here are our Top three picks for RSS Readers.


While investigating the best and brightest of available feed readers, Feedly came out on top. Feedly gives you all the Google Reader goodness plus a whole lot more.

  • Easily subscribe to feeds.
  • Beautiful and clean interface.
  • Multiple Interfaces: Newspaper, image based, etc.
  • Ability to sync with popular services and apps.
  • Easily transfer subscriptions.
  • Mobile Apps: Feedly offers mobile apps for the whole playground – iOS, Android, and Kindle. They also offer a standalone Webapp – no browser extension necessary.

The Old Reader:

Coming in a close second is The Old Reader. The Old Reader adds the social sharing functionality that Google Reader so sorely missed.  While The Old Reader is only free up to 100 feeds, the cost (if you’ve managed to devour those 100 feeds) is only $3 dollars a month.

  • Easily subscribe to feeds.
  • Read, share, and discuss with your friends and social networks. Easily send links to your networks or save them to popular services like Instapaper.
  • Easily transfer Subscriptions.
  • Mobile app available.


While FlipBoard is app-centric, it does have a handy Chrome desktop extension, as well as a convenient desktop bookmark-let. Grab news and feeds while on the go and have them ready and waiting for you on your tablet and mobile device.

  • Beautiful interface that can easily be personalized.
  • Mobile Apps: iOS, Google Play, Windows.
  • Chrome Extension Flip it: Allows you to grab anything from the web and add it to your “magazines”.
  • Bookmarklet available: — drag it to your bookmarks bar.
  • Share your “magazines” with others.

The Wrap

When it comes to RSS feed readers we all want simplicity and ease of use coupled with the options and convenience that we’ve come to expect. There are innumerable RSS readers to choose from. From our investigation, these all came highly recommended. If you’re not using one of these already, try one out and let us know what you think about them in the comments!