Starting a Web Design Business: Intro

Wow, I’ve worked at Peak Systems now for 5 years! Although I’ve enjoyed working at Peak, it’s time to move on and start my own business again. This will be my 4th web design business, and each time I’ve started up a web design business, it’s been more successful and more rewarding. My last business, ABD Insights, was acquired by Peak Systems in 2007, and I brought over my clients, myself, and my employee (& friend) Hahn to Peak. But now, with all that I’ve learned from Peak and from my past businesses, it’s time to start a new adventure!

Luckily, I have years of experience and expertise with web design and running a business so it’s familiar ground. But this time around as I get things started, I’m going to chronicle this process and hopefully others (you) can use this as a valuable resource.