Setting up subdomains at Earthlink

By November 29, 2012 Programming No Comments

So here’s a nice little gotcha that’s not covered in any Earthlink documentation: when you set up a subdomain with Earthlink, you need to also set up an A Record within the DNS settings. I figured that was probably the case and set up A records but still couldn’t access the subdomain through a Web browser. I finally called up tech support and after 20 minutes and being put on hold 5 times, they told me that setting up the A records was the right way to set up the subdomain but that I needed to wait 24-72 hours for it to take effect.

So here’s some quick instructions for any other poor Earthlink customers to set up their subdomain:

  1. Log into your control panel at
  2. Click on Manage Domain and then Add Subdomain.
  3. In the popup, add your new subdomain. Close when finished.
  4. Back at the Manage Domain page, click on DNS Records.
  5. Go down to the A Records section and click on the create new record link.
  6. Keep it as Record type A, enter your subdomain, and for the destination IP address use the same one that’s already being used for your www A record.
  7. Click on add record and then wait 24-72 hours for it to propagate.