ABD SEO Package: Ongoing Web Visibility (normally $600 + $300/month)

  • Competition Analysis
  • Creating backlinks to your website
  • Ongoing research and backlinks to your website (1 hour monthly)
  • Full website audit to tell you what’s working and what’s not for search engine visibility
  • Autoposting to Social Media from blog (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Optimizing 2 social media accounts
  • Write 2 articles per month for blog

Security Updates

To keep your website secure, on a 3-month schedule, we’ll: (normally $20/month)

  • Backup all your files & database
  • Update WordPress to the latest version
  • Update all your WordPress plugins
  • Resolve any compatibility issues
  • Check security settings

Then, if you ever do get a security breach, we’ll fix your site at no additional cost (anything up to 2 hours).

We’ll discount the initial $600 setup charge and the $20/month security updates so you’re subscription will be just the $300/month, but only if you subscribe for a full year.

Click the button below to set up a monthly subscription for $150/month. You’ll need to do this again in 2 weeks so that you’ll have 2 different subscriptions for $150/month each.

By checking this checkbox, I agree to pay $150/month for one year from today. If my subscription is canceled before the one-year subscription agreement has been fulfilled, the initial fee of $600 and $20/month for each month will immediately be due. This is only half of the agreement. You will need to create another subscription in 2 weeks for the other $150/month.