Security Update: Heartbleed

By April 14, 2014 Management, Security No Comments

At one time or another you’ve probably read or been given the advice to update your passwords on a regular basis. You have probably read the warnings that it’s unwise to use the same password for multiple sites. The prospect of updating and maintaining a list of passwords can appear to be a long and daunting process: social accounts, banking accounts, credit accounts, shopping sites, email, etc. While this can be a major pain in the butt, it is fundamental that you employ these security best practices.

The above good security practices have never been more important than now. Due to an open encryption flaw named the Heartbleed bug, the time to change your passwords and implement these practices is NOW!

This security bug can potentially expose the private information you enter into forms and applications on the web.

For a quick rundown of the Heartbleed bug and a handy list of websites and services affected by this encryption flaw visit: