Root Beer Batch #1

By May 11, 2013 Recipes No Comments

Alrighty, my mom’s wedding is coming up here real soon (June 1) so I need to find the perfect batch. I’m waiting for a couple of ingredients to come in but already have the sassafras, sarsparilla, birch root, and a few others.

Here’s the recipe I’m going to start with. It’s a variation of the original recipe by Hires back in like 1890 but with a little simplification

2oz sassafras bark
1oz winter green leaf
1 oz sarsparilla root
1/2 oz licorice root
1/4 oz ginger
1/4 oz hops
1/4 oz birch bark
1 cinamon stick
1 cup cane sugar

That’ll make 2 quarts. If I can get the last 2 ingredients in tomorrow then I can start a batch this weekend.

UPDATE 10/31/2015

I’ve tried a couple of variations of the above recipe and although it has promise, the sassafras is hard to get and the batch that did come in was too bitter to use.

So I tried a variation of the above recipe that I’ll be trying larger scale soon.

  • Drop the sassafras bark
  • In its place, do 2oz sarsparilla root instead of 1oz and 2oz wintergreen leaf instead of 1oz