Pods WordPress Plugin

By January 15, 2012 Programming No Comments

A couple of weeks ago, I was introduced to Pods. I’ve been working in WordPress for a while but had never heard of Pods. I’ve now used it in 2 websites and have another one underway.

Basically, if you’re looking for an easier way for you and your clients to manage information within WordPress, this is the perfect solution. It allows you to define your own content types and then:

  1. Creates a separate database table for each data set.
  2. Creates a class so that you can easily instantiate that class and use the data within your WordPress themes.
  3. Gives you an easy to use CMS for managing your data. (or your clients).

I first implemented Pods on my own portfolio so that I can easily manage my portfolio items without having to worry about individual posts. It gives me a lot more flexibility and makes it much easier to manage. Check out my portfolio pod in action.

My second implementation was for a law firm website. Rather than create separate pages and menu for each member of their team, I created a pod and made it available from the main admin menu – so they can easily add new team members as they need to.

This is really a must-have for any serious WordPress developer. Make sure to check out the following tutorial though – Mr. Christopher does a tremendous job of explaining how to use Pods.