Personalize Your Website With a Customized Holiday Video Card!


The holidays are upon us and with that come greeting cards and well-wishes for the season.  While sending physical cards to your clients is a no-brainer that adds an extra bit of human touch, have you considered reaching out to the visitors of  your site with a little bit of holiday goodness?

Customized Holiday Video Cards From ABD Web Design

ABD Web Design is excited to offer you that extra bit of holiday cheer for your website.  Now when your visitors arrive at your site they can be greeted with a personalized video card of your choosing.

Choose Your Video Card

Jump over to our selection of video Christmas cards to make your choice.  There are 3 unique holiday video cards to choose from.

Video Option One:

Atmospheric and dynamic, you’ll love the energy and festive spirit of our first option!

Craft your greeting and your message.  For example, your greeting might be “Season’s Greetings!”, and your message, “Wishing you a beautiful season and a new year of peace and happiness”.  The choice is up to you!  You have up to 30 characters to craft your greeting and up to 3o words for your message.

Video Option Two: 

Ah yes, what say’s the holiday’s better than a snowy landscape!  This magical postcard is sure to make your visitors appreciate the warm and cozy snugness of family and friends while bringing to mind the wonder of a white Christmas!

Choose from 2 available greetings: Happy Holidays! or Merry Christmas!  Next, craft your message. You have up to 30 words to send that special message of holiday joy to your visitors!

Video Option Three:

Who doesn’t love Santa and his reindeer, especially when they are riding across the pages of a book!

Craft your greeting! Yep, you have up to 30 characters to greet your visitors however you like.  Next, create your message. You have up to 25 words. Get your logo prepped, because this video card includes your business logo right in the pages of the video card!

Okay, I’m Ready to Order!

Ordering is simple.  Each video card is $200 dollars for ABD Web Design to customize and add to your site.  Just contact us and let us know which option you’d like to go with.  We’ll need your FTP information, WordPress login (if you have a WP site) and the content as specified above for your selection.

That’s it!

This season, add that little extra touch to your website and spread some holiday cheer with a customized video card from ABD Web Design!