Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. – Martin Luther King Jr.

It would be hard to read MLK’s. “I have a dream” speech and walk away without being touched by the power, beauty, and immensity of this message.

Here we are:  Martin Luther King Jr. day 2014. How close are we to realizing the vision invoked in his speech, both in America and the world at large?

Unfortunately for America and the world beyond our borders, racism and discrimination still abounds. Most of us have been touched by some aspect of racism and the racial divide. After all the struggle and sacrifice, we still read today of racial and sexual discrimination, hate crimes, intolerance…the list goes on.

As I meditate on Dr. Kings message today I’m left wondering how we can bridge that ignorance and willful stupidity?

Also, as a person with two amazing mixed-race brothers, I’m also left wondering about the American landscape before them: what does America look like to them? Is it a vision of hope and aspiration or is it a landscape marred by inequality and obstacles of hate and indifference? The mere thought of their hopes and aspirations being sidetracked or held back due to the shade of their skin literally makes me sick.

My words are among the innumerable rush of well intended thoughts and meditations on Martin Luther King Jr. day. But I’m not cynical. We all have to throw our hat in the ring, we all have to make an effort – through our words, but most importantly – through our actions, to continue building the vision of Dr. Kings dream.

My hope today is that your observance and thoughts of Martin Luther King Jr. will continue forth tomorrow and in the days ahead.  It doesn’t have to be just a dream.