GoDaddy: Can’t access my Plesk control panel!

By May 6, 2013 Programming No Comments

For whatever reason, I’ve had this issue with a couple of my GoDaddy VPS solutions: Plesk will randomly quit working. I’ve had to call into GoDaddy a few times and they’ve never been able to give me a reason as to why Plesk isn’t accessible but they were able to restart Plesk to at least get me up and running again. This last time, I made sure to get instructions and I’m sharing them here on my site:

  1. You’ll need to SSH into your GoDaddy account. I’m on a PC so I use Putty. More info here:
  2. If you don’t have SSH installed on your VPS account yet, you’ll need to call GoDaddy to restart your Plesk this time but for next time, make sure to enable SSH!
  3. Through your SSH shell program, log in.
  4. Type ‘service psa start as root’
  5. That’s it!