Easy Digital Downloads: An Ecommerce Plugin Solution for Digital Downloads

By October 21, 2014 Plugins No Comments

WooCommerce is a great E-commerce solution when it comes to building a store with WordPress, although WooCommerce can be a sledgehammer when all you need is something quick and lightweight. If you’re looking to solely offer digital products for purchase you might consider the Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

Easy Digital Downloads comes with built-in features to quickly set up a digital download shop. Download and activate the plugin, enter your payment information, and enter your products.  At its most basic you’re all set: you’re now ready to start selling those tracks you cut with Garage Band!

The Easy Digital Downloads plugin comes with sales and earnings reporting. It was developed with WordPress coding standards and provides hooks and filters for easy customization.  It also supports your favorite payment gateways (PayPal anyone?).

Did I mention that it is free?

The plugin comes with built in data export capabilities so you can easily export your customer and sales data to Excel, Google Docs, or other system of choice.

Perhaps you’re not a developer but you want to expand on the functionality of the plugin? Easy Digital Downloads offers over 190 extensions to expand and fulfill your every need.

The Wrap

If you’re looking to solely offer digital downloads for purchase than you might consider trying out the FREE plugin Easy Digital Downloads.  While WooCommerce is a great solution for E-commerce, it is often a bigger beast than is needed. Easy Digital Downloads offers a streamlined and simple system that can be set-up and customized in minutes and have you on your way to selling your digital products.