Connecting to a 2nd Database on Earthlink Hosting

By November 17, 2012 Management, Programming No Comments

With Earthlink Hosting, I’ve always had issues with their hosting unless I have the most basic needs. Here’s the latest issue but let me preface this by saying that the customer service rep that helped did a great job and really tried to find an answer for me.

With Earthlink, you can create up to 25 databases but you can only install phpMyAdmin through their control center to just 1 of those databases. If you need to connect to more than one, you have to either uninstall the current database and then hook up the new one, or just use a 3rd party database tool.

Since I needed to connect to the staging database and the live database, the uninstall/install switching method wasn’t an option. So the 3rd party option was the path to take.

I’ve always used mySQL Workbench but when I tried to connect, I was able to connect but the tables weren’t listed. Earthlink doesn’t give you privileges to ‘SHOW DATABASES’ so you just won’t get the table listing in the left pane. You can still access and use the database though.

  • USE <db name> will set the schema to your database.
  • If you don’t know your DB name, use this query: SELECT DISTINCT TABLE_SCHEMA FROM information_schema.SCHEMA_PRIVILEGES
  • SHOW TABLES will show your tables.
  • Unfortunately, you don’t get the table browser so you’ll just have to manage the database old school-style – with SQL!

Another avenue I tried was manually uploading and installing PHPMyAdmin into a separate folder on the hosting. I never could get this to even authenticate. So possibly a dead-end.