Changing File Permissions on SBA / Crystal Tech

By February 19, 2012 Programming No Comments

So I had a real issue with this. I tried using Dreamweaver, then WinSCP to change the file permissions for 2 files within the root directory that needed to be writable on the server. No dice. Nothing worked.

With SBA hosting, you can change file permissions for folders but not for individual files. There is an option though to ‘include all sub files and folders’ – that’s all fine and dandy but I didn’t want to make ALL the files & folders on my website writable. Here’s a workaround though to update your root files:

  • Create a new folder locally. I named mine ‘temp’.
  • Put the files that you want to update permissions on into that folder.
  • Upload
  • On the server, change the file permissions for the folder & make sure to include all sub files and folders. (ex 777)
  • Then in ‘remote’ or server view, move the files back into root directory.
  • Delete the temp folder.
This worked like a charm for me.