Adobe Presenter – Videos Not Displaying

By October 29, 2012 Design, Interactive Media No Comments

So I was working on an Adobe Presenter project for a nonprofit and ran into an issue where the video (in FLV format) that I had embedded showed up fine in the preview but didn’t display when published. I consulted Google but yielded no results.

I kept on getting a ‘Buffering’ message when I got to the video slide. Whilst this should be expected since the video does need to load a little before playback, it never started playing even though the video I was working with was only 2mb and I could access it directly via URL.

After some research and fiddling, I discovered to following steps to remedy the situation.

  1. Even though I just barely installed Presenter from the Web, it still needed some updates. So check your latest version and see if any updates are available (help menu).
  2. There’s a checkbox in the Settings to disable the preloading. Uncheck this. You can find Settings with the Presenter Menu. Click on Quality and uncheck the field for ‘Disable preloading of embedded Flash content’
  3. Also, just a note – Presenter likes FLV files best. If your video is not in FLV format, use the Adobe Media Encoder to convert.