Add Relevance and Polish to Your Search Results

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As site owners and administrators, we understand the importance of creating quality content that has been SEO optimized. We have important information to share and we want that information to make it to the top of search results!

Here’s the situation: you’ve spent some quality time researching your keywords and you’ve polished your content to maximize search results. Great! So, have you also created rich snippets for your content?

Okay, so you’re asking, “What is a rich snippet?”. When you perform a search query on Google or Bing, you’re served search results. Those search results typically contain a short summary of the search results content. These snippets help you understand what the content in the link is about. Pretty simple, right?

Are all rich snippets the same? Nope. Take a quick look at the search results for any given search, or simply check out this link for an example. Notice how some snippets contain extra content? You may notice a company logo, ratings stars and votes, as well as post author pics and descriptions.

Beyond being more eye-catching, rich snippets help you to quickly understand if the return result is relevant to your search. Guess what? It will also help the ranking of your content in search results.

So now that you’re sold on rich snippets you’re probably wondering how to go about implementing them into your WordPress site content. Never fear, ABD Web Design is here to guide you!

All in One Rich Snippets Plugin

All in One Rich Snippets

This little plugin will simplify the rich snippet process for you in only a matter of seconds. Set-up is a cinch: download and activate the plugin, navigate to the settings and configure your Schema types (Review, Event, People, Product, Recipe, Software Application, Video, and Articles).

Now when you create an article you’ll find fields for customizing the Rich Snippet information below the post Wysiwyg. When your article is updated you’ll notice a small box below your article containing the schema information for the post. The plugin allows you to customize the look of this information, or if you’re a little more savvy, you can work some of your own CSS magic.

Okay, so you’ve knocked all of that out, now do you want to see what your search results look like? Of course you do! Quickly jump over to Google’s Webmaster Tools Structured Data Testing Tool and throw the URL of the article in there for a preview

Note that if you want some of that extra flash to your results, perhaps your beautiful author mug shot, your going to have to put in a little more leg work. Never fear though, it’s fairly simply. You can read some more about that over here: Author information in search results.

The Wrap

You create high quality, polished content, and you do your up-most to ensure it is search engine optimized. Add some more polish to your rankings and include rich snippets. The All in One Rich Snippets plugin makes the task a cinch!

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