Experienced PHP Developer

Are you a PHP artisan, someone who takes pride in their code and crafts beautiful solutions?

We work on a wide variety of projects and need another seasoned PHP developer to help our team with all the programming. Here’s what we’re looking for:


  • PHP development, 4+ years
  • HTML/CSS, 5+ years
  • JavaScript/jQuery, 3+ years
  • mySQL, 4+ years
  • WordPress, 2+ years
  • PHP MVC, 2+ years
  • Ability to lead development projects
  • Works well with teammates and clients

Optional but would be icing on the cake

  • Proficient with Git
  • Server experience (LAMP stack)
  • Additional languages especially ColdFusion, Liquid, AngularJS
  • Mobile App experience


Why Work at ABD?

Exciting Work
We work on a wide variety of projects, working with startups, universities, agencies, and large companies. Our business is about finding solutions that make our clients happy. That makes for an engaging, exciting, and sometimes challenging work day!

Flexible Hours
8 to 5 doesn’t work for everyone and that’s OK. We have core hours of 10-3 but beyond that, the where and when are flexible as long as the work is getting done!

Competitive Pay with Bonuses
We like to offer a little more compensation than the average, with bonuses for your contribution to our bottom line.

Paid Time Off
We’re not a big operation so can’t offer health and dental, but it is nice to get time off and get paid for it.

We’re growing quickly and need the help but we are also looking for the perfect fit. If you got the chops, please contact us!

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