We owe so much of our success to the communities we belong to. As such, we like to give back through donated websites, free hosting, donations, and sponsorships.

Pro Bono Websites


We donated a WordPress-driven website to the Boise Cooperative Preschool in 2014.

Each year, we give away a website to an organization in need. It’s our way to help out an organization that normally couldn’t afford a professionally-built website. This year we got a little carried away though and designed/built two and a half websites:

Free Hosting

We also provided free hosting for Don’t Frack Idaho, BoiseH3, and the Boise Central Rim.


This year, we made donations to Boise Radio, College of Business and Engineering (COBE), and the Interfaith Sanctuary.


bgdg1In 2011, we became the sponsor and organizer for Boise’s largest design group, the Boise Graphic Design Group. We meet every month on the second Thursday, alternating each month between a design-related presentation and meeting at 10-Barrel Brewing to chat about design topics (or whatever). If you’re interested in design, come join us!