ABD Web Design turns 1!

It happened. Time has passed and I’ve been in business since March 15th, 2012!

Happy Birthday ABD Web Design!

As some of you know, this isn’t my first web design business and I’ve been building websites for about 14 years now – oh, how I would laugh now at some of my first websites but I remember at the time, they were pretty grand. That’s really how it goes though…this industry moves pretty quick and so you have to evolve with it.  As such, my business has evolved since its initial inception. We’ve moved a lot more into the WordPress realm, creating some pretty amazing custom themes for some great clients and we’ll have our first public WordPress out on WordPress.org very soon. Most of our sites are now responsive too, meaning that they are platform agnostic. Also, we’ve worked in ExpressionEngine, Python, and even a little C#. It’s been a wild ride!

Working on my own business again has been absolutely exhilarating and the hours are a lot more manageable than they were at first. (lol) Probably my saving grace has been finding a great team to work with, along with some great business partners. I’ve been lucky in that I have found such great clients too! While I’m passing out kudos here I better also mention the Boise Graphic Design Group – this is such a great group!

Here’s to a great year…prost!